TC Peptide lab is a full service custom peptide supplier. Our company provides a wide range of peptide products, from research scale of 1 mg to multi-gram quantity, in varying degrees of purity. We concentrate especially on tip synthesis methods which simultaneously generate a large number of peptides in small quantities. Its utilization substantially reduces the cost for peptide testing and scanning. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality of peptides at the best price and the quickest turnaround time.

Why choose us


At TC Peptide Lab, we employ the latest technology in Fmoc chemistry to synthesize our custom peptides. Our experience and instrumentations enable us to be efficient both in terms of time and cost which, in turn, translate to faster delivery and better price for our customers.

Quality Control

All custom peptides shipped to our customers will have a RP-HPLC trace analysis and a mass spectral analysis as proof of product authenticity. With tip synthesis we will provide a representative number of mass data for each peptide set synthesized.
These analytical services are provided at no extra cost.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee that our custom peptides will meet or exceed the customers specifications. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us immediately so that appropriate actions may be quickly taken to ensure your satisfaction.