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TC Peptide lab is home of custom peptide synthesis.
We specialize in micro-scale synthesis. With 25 years of peptide production and application experience, TC Peptide Lab can rapidly produce and deliver custom peptides to our customers at value that is unsurpassed in the industry. This San Diego, California based company, provides products and services to academic and research institutions worldwide.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Through the use of instrumentation and techniques, TC Peptide Lab can provide peptides with lengths ranging from 2 to 50 amino acids, in quantities from milligrams to grams. Peptides incorporating unnatural amino acids, cyclic peptides, fluorescenctly labeled peptides, glycopeptides, phosphorylated peptides, lipidated peptides, biotinylated peptides, multiple antigen peptides, and protein conjugated peptides are among the many types of modifications offered. Depending upon the requirements of the customer, peptides can be HPLC purified to >98% pure or the crude, cleaved peptides can be provided. We also have the ability to synthesize 1 mg scale crude peptides for high throughput peptide screening. It is a fast and very economical method used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and more. It is synthesized in 96-well format. The peptide length is up to 20 amino acids. Only mass spectral analysis of each peptide will be performed in this case to ensure the success of the synthesis

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TC Peptide Lab tailors its services to the individual needs of customers. Emphasis is placed providing high quality peptides, with rapid turn-around times, at a reasonable price to the customer.

Our Prices

Request for price quotation will be replied promptly within 24 hours. All information provided by the customers is treated with strict confidence. We will be more than pleased to sign a confidentiality agreement if required.

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Our turn-around time is typically two weeks. In some cases it can be as fast as five working days. Actual delivery time may vary depending on the length and the degree of difficulty of the peptide sequences.